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Comment: I was entertained thusly by a local jester.

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I was entertained thusly by a local jester.

We tried to represent ourselves in a "show me the note" case, and thought we were doing OK. The judge attentively listened for over 2 hours while we presented 60+ pages of documentation. When we got the ruling, it looked like it had been written before the hearing. He declared that we were just trying to get away with not paying for our loan because of a national problem, totally ignoring that we began our requests from the bank long before anything broke in the news about this and that we had presented evidence of robo-signing. Yesterday the news included a headline that Idaho had settle with the banks over the robo-signing fraud. It am really not even stunned by this stuff any more. When I said there was mortgage fraud, everyone said I was crazy. When the courts said there was mortgage fraud, a little money was exchanged and everyone said, "Eh, OK. Justicey enough."

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