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Comment: We are going to see a lot of these kinds of people

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We are going to see a lot of these kinds of people

Cruz is endorsed by LibertyPac if I am not mistaken.....For better or worse. When I say kinds of people, I mean neoconish, establishment-ish types.

Cruz and people like him are good on some issues but terrible on others. I suspect we are going to see plenty more of these types. We need to be careful and identify the ones that are just trying to ride Dr Pauls coat tails, and the ones that are genuine and do truly share common ground with us (not saying common ground is enough to endorse them).

Cruz is better then many on the 2nd amendment but showed he is also a neocon on foreign policy. Just look at his Hagel video.

Not sure what to make of all this yet. Is this an attempt to infiltrate and take over the movement by more establishment types?


Is this an attempt to find common ground to defeat a bigger enemy in the Obamas, Pelosi, berneke types?

How should we react? My knee jerk reaction is to tell these folks to pi$$ off and stop tainting the movement with their warmongering and statism. But I also think our common ground can be means for us to infiltrate them and get them to come our way on issues....I'm still on the fence about all this. They've treated us like garbage in the past. To me Rand Paul is at the center of all this. Should we use this "bridge" or should we further entrench ourselves. Will an alliance with these people mean we have to compromise on our principals? I WILL NOT. We all know if we do get in bed further with these people it's not a matter of if, but when they will betray or do something we really dislike.

At this point in time, I want to vote for Rand in 2016. I want us to be able to infiltrate the establishment and change it for the better. I don't want to be fighting with people that would be good people had they not been mislead and indoctrinated....BUT I WON'T cause I know better not to trust them.