Comment: Sure the pimps are horrible but its mainly the elite and

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Sure the pimps are horrible but its mainly the elite and

the politically connected that seem to have a never ending sexual appetite for children. Sadly, the people that create a demand for this type of "service" are always above the law. Bush the elder and many, many other people in positions of power have been caught with their pants down (so to speak) and its always dismissed as kookie talk and never investigated.

Just this week I read about a fla politican who has been going over the the dominican republic to pay for sex with 16 year old girls. If he even gets in trouble at all, it will probably be because he used taxpayer money to pay for the trips.

In a strained voice, the State will say "As much as these actions offend all that we stand for as a people, there is no provision under federal law that specifically prohibits a US represenitive from using his recreation time in any manner he so chooses. Our job now is to create new legislation that will never let this happen again."

The representitive will be put on administrative leave, (with pay) and will repay the state the money he used on those trips. He will also attend a substance abuse program because it just came to light that alcohol and ambien were most likely the cause of his poor judgement. Blah, Blah, Blah.

There may be a handful of good people in government but by and large the very WORST of our society has risen to the top. There is no doubt that the tree of liberty is in dire need of "refreshing".