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A No Censorshp Zone

"You have not been censored here, right?"

Right, and the list of places I have been censored is long.

Libertarian Party
Jury Duty
Prison Planet Forum
Free State Project Forum
Real News Forum
Fully Informed Jury Association Forum
John Birch Society
United We Stand
Mises Institute Austrian Economics Forum
A paid for English writing course

Not in that order, and not only those places, there is a correlation between censorship and a term called peer pressure that works at various levels of POWER whereby people are censoring people.

Specific cases can be easily documented and that is why I started my own Forum in 2005, so as to begin to document my experiences on this path. I cut and pasted some of the exchanges that were being published on the Prison Planet, Austrian Economics, and Real News forums, so as to have a record of what happens, and then anyone can go back and see what happened that led to censorship.

Here there are software problems that may have no other intent than "collective" censorship, whereby a program is invented, produced, and then employed to accurately identify SPAM (requiring much in the way of accurately identifying exactly what that term means) and remove SPAM from the Forum Web Page. Turn on that program and it works the way it works and it may not work exactly as it was intended to work, or it may work better than expected.

Here, this forum, there is no obvious, overt, censorship. That is easy to see, one day I can publish, the next I can't, or one day my work is published, and then next day all my work is no longer published: no longer accessible to anyone else.

Sent down the memory hole, erased from history, etc.

Not here.

"Michael Nystrom said we were a fringe site. I think that is true. I am on the fringe most of the time in life. Not much like other people. I like deep conversations, most people don't know what to say back to me."

Many places on this thing we call The Internet are NODES, or junctions, or connecting points, or terminals, where a specific path taken by someone terminates at this point, for a specific amount of time, and then a new path is taken from this point by that individual.

Thinking in terms of electric circuits in a device that is created by a power that has a specific design in mind, and this creation works this way, once it is turned on, this is how this creation works, so this individual is flowing this way, goes here, then goes there, and so this NODE is like a transistor.

A transistor is a switch.

This is a switching station like those at railroad switching stations.

The IRS and The FED, and The U.S. Military are switching stations.

Who forces anyone to find this forum and then use this forum to switch from one path to another path?

That is a trick question.

A test.

Let me know what competitive answers you can invent for that trick question - please.