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Comment: I don't take any pills

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I don't take any pills

I'm not going to take any pills.

Yes, I will drink sparkling mineral water, flavored, when I want something besides water, lemonade,(miso, clear juices, juices, and then organic tomato, squash and lentil soup, and vegan probiotics slowly breaking the fast)

Yes, I will chew NATURAL GUM 1988vote suggested, that I didn't know existed because I'm not a gum chewer, but found I needed something to chew on in the final days of my fast. And I will make sure my belly is full of lemonade, so my digestive system won't be tricked, but actually have something/ lemon pulp to work on.

If God, finds that I have turned my back on him by fasting for Lent, then I will be all the more happier to repent and pray more for the GOD I ADORE.

As a degreed, certified, licensed and awarded chef in vegan and vegetarian foods.. I am very well aware of the abundance and joy of cooking, eating and cleaning. It is my LOVE of food that makes my sacrifice, which is no where near the suffering as Jesus did, suffering for me, to remind me all the 40 days, of how Jesus suffered and died for me.

I do not know better than God. I ADORE my Church and Lent is part of our liturgical calander, so I will give up more than meat, as what most Catholics will be giving up.

If that is not good enough for God, MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA, MAXIMAS MEA CULPA.

Peace be with you.