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I follow Einstien's definition of Insanity

when it comes to the Republican (sic) Party.

Attempting to get a different result from the same methods is insane.

Why keep pumping money, time, support, and CONSENT into an organization that has shown for decades that they care so little for Independence?

I do agree that having multiple fronts against Tyranny is a sound concept, however it seems to me that the Republican (sic) Party is waste of time and effort. Central Planning (which is a cornerstone of the current party) will not solve the problems that have been created by Central Planning.

I disagree on taking it to 'the enemy'. I say let the enemy take it to us, and when they go too far, give it to them in such a manner that they recognize their own Wealth, Health, and Independence are at stake.

We must change the game. If you play by THEIR RULES, which are arbitrary and unsound, you will continue to find yourself upset and pondering how to get around their ever changing Rule.

We must acknowledge that Change, even for the better, will always face resistance and the resistance will be quite violent by those who lose power, money, safety.

We must let our fellow Citizens know that they are not the Enemy and neither are We. We are simply Capable Human Beings who value Free Will, whether given by God or Nature's God, and refuse to take Orders from those whom we understand we have Equal Station with. Offer a valuable Friendship and a Hell of an Opponent.

Want to improve your Life and Community? Focus your efforts on your Community and how it is run and then reject the Assumed Federal and State 'Authority' over your Life and Community.

When Push comes to Shove, Human Behavior favors those who are Resisting over those who are Coercing.

With that, good luck on Restoring the Republican (sic) Party. While I understand that your path is wrought with difficulties, having some disruption within the Central Planners Party is a Welcome event.