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Thanks for Your Reply Farmer

I understand where you're coming from. I continue to send out free Bumper Stickers on here because they sometimes wake people up to Liberty, or at the least prompt people to ask some hard questions on the issues.

The Ron Paul thing doesn't have to end, until Rand or Judge Napolitano or whoever it is runs for President in 2016. I encourage everyone to attend their local Campaign for Liberty Meeting, in their town or county. If you don't have a chapter in your area, email me, and I'll find a way to get you more information, because every area should have a chapter. Campaign for Liberty was started by Ron Paul, as many of you know, and it really is a way to take our "backyards" back from the Neo-Cons and Liberals. If we can control our "backyards" -- our local neighborhoods, towns, and counties -- then we just may have a shot at our states. But we can't, in most cases, aim as high as that, until we have Liberty in our communities. And it's up to us to make this happen. Campaign for Liberty is a beautiful network, from what I've seen and experienced, to give us a fighting chance as Ron Paul supporters, to make this a reality.

Email me at: for more info on Campaign for Liberty, or for a free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker. By the way, I'm not connected to Campaign for Liberty, I just want more people to attend the meetings, because I feel that once you do, your eyes will be opened to a really good vehicle for promoting Liberty.


Joe in MD