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With all due respect,

I have to disagree with your conclusion that secession must have been due to slavery because of the many times slaves were mentioned in the southern states' Declaration. That's like saying if Texas secedes because Obama decides to ban guns with an Executive Order, it must be because Texans like having guns.

No. The southern states were arguing a much bigger issue.

If you read the entire South Carolina Declaration, no less than 24 'compact' violations were cited, all under the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution. In other words what good are compacts when one, two, or three parties flagrantly disregard their end? And the sacrificial lamb is your sovereignty? Your unalienable rights? Your own slavery?

Look at us today. All because the southern states lost that argument.

End note: If the Civil War was about or mostly about ending slavery, why is slavery alive and well in the USA today? Because it's not farmers who own slaves-out in the clear light of day like back then... Today it's the Govt and their masters...and we're all caught up in that web of slavery, one way or another.

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