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Parts list:
#2 10 foot 2 x 4s
#2 6 foot long 2x4s
#6 20 foot long sections of 1" PVC pipe
#1 ten foot section 1" PVC pipe
#30 1 inch long pieces 1" PVC pipe split lengthwise
sheet of greenhouse film - don't recall how much we used, but a smallish roll should do it.
Fasteners as indicated in instructions.
about 50' of rope

Drill 1" holes at the ends of the 10 foot 2x4s and every 2 feet down the length. Bend the PVC so the ends fit in the holes. Take the 10' long PVC pipe and fasten it to the apex, for stability and to create a bit of a high spot to help it shed rain. Fasten it by screwing the pipes together, or by lashing them together, but it needs to be secure. For extra stability, lash a piece down each side, too. Use rope to tie X's across the sides, to stabilize the building.
Cover it with plastic, use the split PVC sections to clip the plastic to the hoops. Pull the plastic as tight as you can get it.

What I described leaves both ends open, use leftover plastic to and make more P clips to cover the ends. Leave gaps at the top for ventilation. Get a zipper from the paint department, they just peel and stick to the plastic, then you cut a slit and you have a door.

Should cost you under $100 and the frame will last for years and years. If you want to winterize it, you can insulate it with bubble wrap, although it will still need heated to grow a winter garden in it.

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