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Comment: Pardon moi? o_O

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Pardon moi? o_O

What is up with your characterizations? Daily Pauler's are not easily-wounded shy anxiety-ridden "Israel haters" forced to resort to biased "mainstream" sources. You are merely trying a cheap smear. Shame on you. If Daily Pauler's are one thing, we are not readily impressed with pure ad hominem no matter how veiled.

It should be perfectly clear to you by now that the majority of Daily Pauler's don't have anything against the nation of people known as Israel. We have nothing against jews as many if not most of the titans of libertarianism and the Austrian school of economics are jews. We dislike zionism. And since you fully know this, your cheap shots are even more unappreciated.

Your other attempts at character smears are just ridiculous on their face. Daily Pauler's aren't easily "hurt". We are quite feisty, resilient and tend to relish and enjoy engagement in debate of our opponents. Most of us never feel "shy", as you accused, ever.

You said:

"Anxiety forces our folks to come again with a lame article borrowed from "trusted" mainstream media and "trusted" Pentagon generals."

Excuse me? First of all, Business Insider content links most often appear on alternative media sites. Secondly, "anxiety" is just another baseless attempt at character smear. There is no need to reach out to biased sources to support the fact that the Israeli government has an established history of agitating for the shedding of America's son's and daughter's blood in the name of protecting Israel's programs of aggression. You are mislabeling righteous indignation and a rational active concern for the well-being of our loved ones economically, mentally and physically as "anxiety" as if we are emotionally unbalanced. Again, shame on you.

You said:

"Bibi was saying that 2013 was the last year when Israel alone could destroy Iranian plants'


"Actually, Israel can do it alone at any time in the future."

Those statements are demonstrably the opposite of what Netanyahu said and it can be easily verified from a variety of other sources, including jewish and Israeli media, by googling "maariv netanyahu iran".

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