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Comment: Bravo! Your reply is powerful work of Nature, telepathic.

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Bravo! Your reply is powerful work of Nature, telepathic.

This thread is for intellectual masochists. I notice, though, that no one so far has waded in with answers or comments to your great questions, telepathic.

"I'm right" "No I'm right" "You are both satanic, I know the correct interpretation" And on and on and on, arguing over the true message of three millennium of ancient texts... several that have disappeared long ago from the archives.

Now, as our civilization is facing collapse, many of our brighter colleagues would rather argue dogma, then they would engage in a discussion of new ideas.

Maybe, the biblical works have a kernel of solution in them. But we will never know. Those ideas are thousands of years old capsules of truth frozen in ancient time. Doesn't anyone notice that they haven't led us to any significant new beginnings after thousands of years of influence.

Sometimes, I have a feeling, that many of the worldviews reflected in these messages that are based on scripture, (and its "one and only" (sarc) true interpretation,) find some comfort in that the proponents do not have to really fully participate in finding a new path for humanity. Let's just get right with God and take care of our afterlife because there is little that we can change for the good in this world.

That's their rightful choice. But, it sucks as an idea when you factor in the needs of the many new generations of children to come who would have greatly benefited if we had just organized a viable escape plan for them.