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Comment: You are a fool if you think

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You are a fool if you think

You are a fool if you think there is no god. Its easy to prove scientifically with the law of entropy. The law of entropy states that the universe always goes from a state of order to one of chaos...always. This means buildings will crumble with time...planetary orbits decay, etc. Entropy always wins without fail....imagine a plate with blue m&ms and green m&ms. The blue are on one side and the green on the other...perfectly divided. Now set that plate on a vabrating surface. According to the law of entropy the neatly ordered candy will slowly mix the green and the blues together until its just a random mass of colors, and this is exactly what will happen every time...except one. The one time Entropy does NOT win is when you introduce an outside force. In this example the outside force would be a person who is constantly sorting the greens and blues into their respective groups....outside forces are the only thing holding entropy at bay....and its the only thing that can. Now lets think critically about this..if entropy state that things tend from a state of order to one of disorder(or from greater complexity to less complexity...the same thing) then how did life evolve? That is the OPPOSITE of entropy...its something going from a state of less complexity to one of more, therefore for it to happen by science that means there MUST be some outside force. You can argue about the nature of this outside force as much as you to its intentions(whether its Jehovah or Kali or Zeus etc etc) or its methods(whether it used evolution as a tool or whether it just created out of thin air etc.) but the fact will always remain that because of the law of entropy there is an outside force. You can also see evidence of this in the big bang can neither be created nor where did the energy for the big bang cone from? Oh from the collapse of a previous universe? Ok...where did the energy in that one come from? See the never ending logic loop here. The fact is the universe CANNOT be explained unless you factor in the existence of some outside force...period.