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Comment: Sorry Netanyahu, Send your own kids to die in Iran.

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Sorry Netanyahu, Send your own kids to die in Iran.

Iran is your problem Netanyahu, not mine.

Hey Netanyahu, if you really believe in God, why don't you stop falsely manipulating Christians in the US to save you and instead trust God to save you?

I'll tell you why you don't do what is right... Netanyahu you have NO FAITH and NO TRUST in your Maker.

You, Netanyahu, only know how to act as a liar, manipulating others to go to war and wicked deeds on your behalf. You Netanyahu have NOT the courage of David but only the wicked inequity of Saul.

Netanyahu, please stop the unnecessary war and get some courage of your own.

My children are not you mercenaries. They have no interest in serving you or your evil warlocks in warring against your fears and those you fear in Iran.

Fear not and trust the Lord Mr. Netanyahu. God is the only one who can save someone as utterly murderous wicked as you.