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Comment: Musical dissonance (pun there)

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Musical dissonance (pun there)

Do you ever struggle in that you listen to music that is associated with leftists?

I've always, and still do, love bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, etc. All bands associated with the left. Friends of mine who also enjoy the same music all seem to be left leaning. They do, however, listen to my freedom message, but it's hard to get them over some of the environmental issues and tax the rich agenda.

I went to a Flaming Lips show back in 2008 and Wayne Coyne was telling everyone to vote for Obama. I love their music, but again, leftists. I booed him and yelled jokingly for a "Bush 3rd Term". Yea, I got some dirty looks, but seriously, screw that Obama crap.

I recently blogged a bit comparing Buddhism and Libertarianism. Again, similar issues I've seen in that category.

Just seeing if you've had any of this dissonance too.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.