Comment: Sports, Politcs, Women and Gambling

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Sports, Politcs, Women and Gambling

Watching the Super Bowl doesn't make me or you a bad or immoral person. When I was not so good a person, I use to bet on sure things. I rarily lost a dime, as I wasn't in it to make a killlin. I didn't enjoy losing at anything, except losing an ugly girlfriend to an enemy who thought he could score with sloppy seconds..(poor bastad married her and got the screwing of his wife, I mean life.)

I don't bet on sporting events anymore, but do enjoy watching and supporting the home pro teams; the SF Giants, 49ers, Sharks and Warriors.

Lesson learned: The only sure bet is not to bet..You bet your life..

In my younger years I played basebal, football and basketball, soccer and many of you. I was a pretty decent athlete but not good enough to play pro sports.

It seems Politics and women seem to go together. Which ever one you choose, your screwed..