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As the common names in my extended family are Hirsch, Meyers and Eckes I have a little more than a passing interest in the subject of zionism. :)

My "little sense" on the matter includes knowledge of the 19th century British christian Restorationist's visions of Britain's manifest destiny to occupy Jerusalem and the Holy Land which would prompt Jesus' return and the execution of all jews who would not convert. This vision was shared by the royal families, who claim David's throne, and by other British notables as Cecil Rhodes. They believe they are the true Israel and seperate from Judah (jews). I am aware that Herzl (the supposed founder of zionism) was recruited by Restorationist clergy and theologians.

I am aware that the judaic scripture says that Israel will be in rebellion against God leading up to the "day of the lord" and God sends an army against Jerusalem to destroy it (Joel). I am aware that the christian bible (new testament) says Israel will be a "synagogue of satan" and Israel will politically follow the "antichrist". I know that in the judaic scripture God warns Israel to not return to land while they are in rebellion and that he himself will bring them back in his own time.

Man's establishment of Israel is a big nefarious grab for political power started by christians who then drew in the jews.

Having said that, Israel is now an established country. And as such they should be afforded equal treatment as a nation according the rule of law and law of nations. This also means Israel must follow the rule of law and law of nations by not colonizing or turning into concentration camps the lands they have agreed by treaty to belong to the Palestinians.

But zionists in control of Israel's do not follow the law. They are lawless and tyrannical. They engage in ethnic cleansing as heinous as any regime in history. They encourage racial segregation and mistreatment of women.

I am 100% for defending Israel if her government follows the rule of law and the law of nations and honors her treaties. The zionists are not following the rule of law or the law of nations.

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