Comment: What is G. O. D.

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What is G. O. D.

God is dog spelled backwards...

God is a spirit. He is the king of the Universe; the creator of all, good or bad. You can find God in your heart if you take time to look..

If you realize this rather than reading it in a book, or learning it from someone else, then you know where God is.

Jesus asked Peter the Apostle, "whom do they say that I am? Peter responded, "you are the Christ, the son of the living God." (Greek word for the Annointed one. The Jews called him the Massiah = The savior from our sins)

Jesus said, "No man has revealed this to you, for it was my father in heaven who has revealed it to you." Therefore, I will build my church around those people that are like you.

Jesus said, "Some day, men and women will worship God, not on any mountain or building built my mens hands, but men and women will worship God in Spirit and in truth...

God isn't looking for your money or for vain sacrifices. He is looking for rebels. Rebels for the truth. he is looking for people that are patient, kind and understanding...