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You are misinformed

That is a common misconception about entropy in the apologetic circles. First, the Second Law of Thermodynamics only works in a closed system, the universe is not a closed system. Ever heard of "time"? - that is variable as Einstein proved. Christian apologists have been trotting that one out for decades, no matter how many times it is debunked.

The universe only moves towards "chaos", whatever that is, let's call it expanding and converting energy to matter, by expending energy. Eventually, once the energy hits equillibrium, order is restored - and begins the collapse, the reverse of the big bang if you will.

I'm not a scientist, and you obviously are not either. Here is a good summary:

Plus - your scenario doesn't account for the genesis of your deity if we would even for discussion sake accept the idea of the law of entropy - which demands a closed system, your deity could not be outside of a closed system and control chaos. And, inside of a closed system they would have to move to chaos as well.

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