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Comment: Teach what you need to learn.

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Teach what you need to learn.

Real liberty is self service only. The only way to "lead" others to their own liberty is to live by example.
If you are "expert" in an area and set out to teach it, you will set yourself "above" the people you want to reach. If you set up a "study group" and work "every man for himself" together for liberty, you all are on equal footing, and your "students" are your teachers.
That AP stuff I just posted is for our next meetup, and for a "Community Preparedness Fair" event next month. When I was registering for a booth at the fair, I could not make the woman understand we are not selling anything. She was really nice, very excited to have us, but she still does not understand that I won't be selling anything, just showing my videos, answering questions, doing a demo of assembling a barrel-ponics system then raffling it off - proceeds to help the sponsoring group. No compensation expected, no "advertising" for anything. Just trying to get MORE people doing aquaponics. So, what do I get out of it? I meet my new neighbors, not as a helpless tourist there in panic, as a new neighbor with new ways to make the community more self reliant. That seems like a wise investment to me.
Some other vendors / demos: Solar cooking, home-made water filters, food preservation, emergency shelter construction, a Co Commissioner talking on "What the government won't do in an emergency to help you" (love that title!) and some doctor from Utah to talk about DIY healthcare. :) I like my new town.
So I guess my answer is "Do what you feel is right, but do it in the open so others may learn with you."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.