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We have one hectare in the foothills of the Lefka Ori on the Greek island of Crete. But, there are 100 hectares of neglected goat/sheep pasture adjacent to us. We can easily expand as needed.

It is so beautiful! Our first love is our four donkeys, the beginning of a breeding herd. Donkeys are at a threatened status all across the northern Mediterranean. But picture postcards with an old Greek man and his donkey are still among the best sellers for the tourists.

We will start AP small-scale. I am thinking about trout. There are many wild trouts in the rivers here. Cretans do not like to eat them, though. (We and many ex-pat friends do, though) I think they may be very adaptable to a fish-farm culture since they are endemic.

We also have a breeding pair of geese. So we will be building a pond for them, too. I would think that it might be advantageous to site the AP facilities nearby.

We have some of the clearest, glacier-fed spring water in the world. It is also the among the cheapest piped right into our farm. For now, water is not an issue.