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Granger, I understand where you're coming from on this

And I respect your opinion. Mine might not be as different from yours as you think.

When I said we expected nothing in return, I meant financially. You're one of the people who put in the most time, money and effort. I doubt you expected to make any money for it, much less $800,000 and that's what makes you a true grassroots supporter, imho.

I think it's possible that there are grassroots supporters who worked harder than Benton did...for free. Maybe even you. I heard that Tom Woods offered to work in Benton's place for FREE and I honestly believe he'd have done a better job.

Even so, Benton did put in a lot of work over two years and was probably paid a salary comensurate with other campaign managers. It took a few minutes and a few dollars to buy the domain name. Do you really think it's reasonable to place equal value on the purchase of a domain name and a campaign manager's work over 2 years? Of course this is a free market issue to be determined by seller and buyer. I merely got a little peeved over the idea that the domain owners bought the domain name as a favor, to hold it for Ron Paul.

Think about this: if you personally thought to buy that domain name, would you feel comfortable saying "I bought this domain name as a favor to Ron Paul and will give it to him (or sell it to him at a reasonable price) if he wants it" and then later contact Ron Paul and say "You can have this domain name for $800,000"??? I wouldn't. In fact, I'd feel like a phony and a sellout and wouldn't be surprised when RP's grassroots supporters pointed it out. Yes, they have a right to do it. Yes, I think the domain name is worth something. I suppose the true value will be determined if and when someone actually buys it.

Peace, my friend. I don't have a problem with agreeing to disagree. :-)