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Easier said than done

I think when one is true to themselves, "majic happens".

I don't know why I wanted to go to Mendocino. I really didn't know much about it, matter of fact, one reason I remember clearly of wanting to go camping there was because I was tired of going hiking where I lived, and running into illegal marijuana grows, various LAOs storming through the woods and rivers, with their army of helicopters and Humvees, and also running into growing cabals taking breaks with their families, weapons ready to fire on me. I thought Mendo was too cold to grow marijauna. Also, being a beached surfer, I wanted to be close to the ocean and not be tempted to surf.

My camping trip, as messed up as the reservations were, as they had me having to move camp every day to another location in the county, had me meeting people, going places I never dreamed, or heard of, finding work (I wasn't even looking), finding not just an apartment (I wasn't even looking), but a cottage in the redwoods with enough land to begin a garden, and things just kept getting better and better.

I found myself in a community with a culture that I fit perfectly. Everything I ever dreamed of, wanted to do, appreciated, was all here, and waiting for me. All I had to do was continue to be myself.

Mendocino has it's own culture, and now I am part of that tapestry, and very happy.

So I think, rather than attempting to "create your own culture", it's better to be true to yourself, know yourself, appreciate what you LOVE and invest in that, and whether like me, that culture already exists like a hand in glove, or you find some tribe that becomes your family that materializes it's own culture/meme, being true to yourself, HAPPY and LOVING LIFE will make a culture natually.