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One simple definition or explanation suffices.

Thou shalt not make of me anything that is in the earth, or on the earth or over the earth.

Nature in its every aspect is conditioned and condition-able. For every action there is a reaction, cause and effect. Entropy is an identified manifestation based on the uncertainties created when time and energy are used to measured conditioning at a very small scale.

Is God the very freest being. Free even not to be. Is god absolute? Without ties. Can god create a stone so heavy that even he cannot lift it asks the Sunday School student.

Be wary of thinking of god in a carnal manner, warns Augustine of Hippo.

Power is a condition of nature. Power in the sense of force is conditional. One that account alone, nothing can resist God.

As soon as this truth dawns in the mind of man he becomes aware somehow, that the unconditionality of God makes unconditional claims on the souls of men.

The soul is free in the deepest sense, only because , in the midst of every urgency of the world, man can experience God as that which is most urgent but which never urges, as that which never coerces and which therefore is truly boundless and unbindable.

The freedom of God is an irresistible call for man's freest homecoming.

Man finds it easier to bear up under a divine force, rather than endure the forceless presence of God.

Divinity is the right to authority. Does it come from coercion?

As the OP pointed out. Governments would take advantage of man's folly.

My teacher was Fritz Marti.

Free includes debt-free!