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Comment: Um... everyone gets sleep

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Um... everyone gets sleep

Um... everyone gets sleep paralysis every night. Its a chemical your body releases into your blood stream every night to keep you from flailing around dangerously in your sleep.

What you're describing is called "Lucid Dreaming" where part of your brain "wakes up" while the rest (esspecially the rational centers) remain asleep. Some people (like me) are able to keep this part of their mind awake as the rest fall asleep, the rest wake into it accidently and concoct crazy religeous conclusions about what they've experianced.

You're doing nothing more than dreaming while awake and aware. Its a bit scary at first, and its hard to control as your rational mind is mostly not functioning (how crazy stuff seems normal while dreaming). However once you understand and learn to control it, it is the most amazing of experiances. Imagine being able to go anywhere you want and see anything you wish. That's lucid dreaming.

If you're saying to yourself: "nonononono it was WAAAAY too real to be a dream." Then you sir, do not understand the nature of sight. When you're awake, your eyes take in light data, which is transformed by your brain into video output. 90% of what you see in familiar terrain is a construct of your brain and not even being formed off your light data, which is why you can walk right by someone holding still in your office or house and not see them.

When you are dreaming, the image your brain is constructing is in the exact same format as the one created by light data. Therefore, unless you are given reason to question the content, you have no way of knowing a dream from reality. They are identical in resolution and "realism." When people "accidently" lucid dream, they'll probably see weird stuff... most notably an invisable "presence" which they can't quite make out either sitting on them or in the corner of the room. Probably 95% of alien abduction and demon possession stories which form the backbone of belief structures come from this phenomina.

Me? I fly through outter space listening to music that shakes the heavens with astral devas and other angels. Ive seen the most amazing stuff while lucid dreaming, all of it every bit as real as if I was really there.

But alas... its just a dream.