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Great plan

What a great hoophouse that would make! The split PVC to hold the plastic is a great idea! I wish I could use one. I live 3,000 ft up overlooking the plains, great view but the winds outside the wall protected and all concrete floor of the patio, above in the fields, is an almost constant min of 15 mph with gusts up to 30 in normal day. When "windy" elsewhere, I get 45 to 60mph [and up] winds. My patio furniture is all heavy iron or it wouldn't still be here. Have trouble keeping the solar house standing up there and it's made of metal and siding. It's down now, waiting for spring to get someone out to rebuild it. The free range chickens stay inside often for fear of flying when unintended. I watched at the window while a local bird flying with all it's might had no forward movement. It was just suspended in air, going nowhere for a long time. Strange sight. A hoophouse here would last about as long as an ice cube in the Sudan, darn it!
But.....thanks so much for taking the time to try to help. That was so nice of you. That's such a wonderful plan, am sure many here on DP can use it!!