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You're telling me that Caesar "created" a religion that forecast his empire's very violent downfall? You're telling me that Caesar created a religion whose Messiah loudly and occasionally violently opposed the system? That Caesar created a religion that explicitly prohibited worshipping Caesar and the Roman "gods?"

Go read the New Testament again. If a Roman official/politician appears, they're a cowardly scumbag and a completely self-interested turd. There were multiple instances of a Roman military officer being all too willing to imprison without cause or beat without cause, only stopping when Paul makes the situation awkward by informing them that he's a citizen. The only all-around decent Romans that appear are:

a) the believers in Rome, who are decidedly not in Caesar's good graces, or

b) the occasional pious military officer.

Also, there's no motivation. Seriously, if you're going to make a claim like that, you've got to supply a motive that a rational person could accept.

Also, consider the work involved. It defies all common sense to think that a central Imperial government that is inept on a truly epic scale could manage to:

a) create a doctrine that so thoroughly fulfilled Jewish prophecies that it gained converts in massive amounts, and

b) fabricate so much evidence that there's not even a real debate among modern secular historians about whether Jesus was a person, though His godhood is, of course, endlessly debated.