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The kicker is... you're not

The kicker is... you're not really awake. When you wiggle your toes, its just symbolism for your mind.

Instead of trying to "wake up," try to leave your body. Picture a rope and visualize yourself climbing up out of your body. Then it gets interesting.

My first breakthrough was when I decided to fight through the crazy storm of noise and tinglng (your body releasing the paralysis agent into the bloodstream). Afterwords, there was an amazing calm. I looked over to my closet, and saw it was waaaaay to close. So I looked back toward the bed and saw my body laying there. That scared me awake! Ha!

I got used to it though, and realized I could go anywhere, see anything. Next time you're there, wait it out, once that chemical is dispersed, feel the amazing calm, then try to fly through your ceiling and go explore.

In time you'll realize you can see whatever you please. Its hard at first, and as you panic, your mind will manifest things that scare the bejesus out of you. But with a little practice, you'll begin to understand this is among the best things to ever happen to you.