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I've done the lucid dreaming thing. It's easy enough to train yourself. This is much different. You are awake (but possibly hallucinating), not asleep. In lucid dreaming you are actually asleep.

This is where you body shuts down but your mind and senses remain aware of both reality and possibly a dream.

In addition, even someone like myself who is familiar with lucid dreaming techniques usually has zero control over the hallucinatory environment.

The reason is that you can't separate the two. For instance, one of my common "terrors" was hearing my daughter cry out for help. I would try to get up to go help her. Fail miserably usually, or sometimes I would get up and go check on her, just to discover that I hadn't moved an inch.

With lucid dreaming you are 100% aware the whole thing is a dream so you can have absolute control over it. When you can't tell the difference, you don't know what is controllable and what isn't and so you lose the power over the hallucination.

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