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Our new system will be at the farm, where you NEVER hear

anyone complain about the wind. That's because the wind blows so hard you can't even hear yourself think...
We live one river and one creek off Hell's Canyon. When I say we get canyon winds, I am talking HOWLING winds - 60 mph is not uncommon.
We built a geodesic dome for the system, and shrink-wrapped it (like they do to winterize boats.) Cost us under $1000 and the big bad wolf has huffed and puffed... so far so good.
We actually are using the old hoophouse for storage. We put tarps on it instead of plastic, and then threw chicken wire over the top and weighed down the ends of the chicken wire. It is hanging in there, too.
The question is how serious are you about saving your OWN heirloom seed, and we are really serious about it. The dome is just a greenhouse, but it is the model for what will eventually be a full biodome, if we live long enough.
Seed saving is tricky. You can't save broccoli and radishes in the same area - they are the same family and will hybridize themselves. Eventually, we will have tents around each grow bed, and each grow bed will contain one variety of plant (or a few that cannot cross-breed.)
As long as we can, we will garden outside, but the goal for us is to be able to be a life-pod.

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