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Comment: You think its much differant.

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You think its much differant.

You think its much differant. Its not. Its the same thing. The only thing which is differant is how much of your brain is awake. Those hallucinations "are" dreams. And you "can" control them. Ive done it hundreds of times. When I tell you that the dream is indistinguishable from reality, I mean it. I learned to do this by entering the same state of paralysis you believe you are awake during. It took me years to figure out I wasn't having "out of body" experiances. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that I was just dreaming.

You are not awake as you lay there, you just can't tell the differance. The veil of "dream" comes over your vision sometimes without you ever even noticing you've fallen asleep. You could call them waking dreams I guess, except the images aren't coming into your mind from light data. They are constructs of your mind.

You may "think" you were lucid dreaming, and you might have been to a lesser degree... but when you go from what you "think" is real into direct control of your self, you'll figure it out.

That "you" cannot tell what is controlable and what isn't is why you haven't had the break through. What you need to understand is that its "all" controllable... its simply not easy. You have to go into it understanding that its a dream. You still think you're awake and so you panic. One you understand whats actually happening, you'll be able to bend the spoon, so to speak.