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Thanks for the video

Stopping the use of GMO here in this county is a pipe dream, this is Corn Country and Monsanto has the farmers by the you know whats. I have no one around who would jump on that bandwagon.Going to take a lot of time.
Agree: Everyone who can, should have a garden and buy/trade organic locally. A couple of yard hens would help too. Meat? Raise rabbits. Life as we knew it would have to change.
I honestly believe they want everyone [but them] to eat the gmo garbage as part of population control.
Couldn't watch the whole thing, I'm on limited bandwidth use. By the way, don't know but have the idea we have something in common along with Ron Paul. Single ladies running a farm. Am a widow am coping with getting along by learning to do a lot of new tasks and knowing when to realize there are some things a woman can't do. I'm not very large woman so my greatest fear with all the work here, is to end up with the body of Olive Oil and the biceps of The Hulk!