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I have experianced it. Ive

I have experianced it. Ive seen hell in my travels and the most terrifying crap you can imagine. However, you're simply incorrect. Its not guided meditaiton. Its not out of body experiances. Its not visions from god. Its not anything other than extremly vivid dreams which you have learned to control. You are "limited" to what you believe is possible in this state. If you are "convinced" you are awake then you limit what you can see to what is possible in your mind. You see things you'd expect to see, such as objects in your room.

Once you learn to divorce yourself from the illusion that you are awake and meditating, then you will be able to see whatever you please, wherever you wish.

People have a hard time coping that the answer is so simple because they "want" to believe in impossible things.

I hear some of you guys trying to tell me im mistaken. I do this nearly every night and I have been where you are.