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Comment: I'll try to describe it

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I'll try to describe it

The drum will be in the center of the dome. The fuel input / combustion chamber will be to the south, the horizontal flue will leave to the north, go almost to the wall, turn 90 degrees, run a couple feet west, turn 90 degrees, run back south near the drum to the other wall, turn around and make a short stretch east, then head back north where it will run on the other side of the drum, then exhaust out the north wall. Then we will encase the entire north portion of the dome in our "mass." We are probably just going to use sand for now. We have really good clay on site... under 3 feet of snow...
Anyway, we are going to a round tank that will sit on top of that heat mass. The area near the stove will be a little sitting area, the bench across the south wall will be for seedlings, and I hope to put a little "tropical zone" in the area between the south bench and the south wall.
Thanks for asking. This stuff is what lights me up with hope. Who knows who will stumble across this and look into it, and do it?

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