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Strong women

Strong women LOVE freedom to do what we want, how we want, becaause we know it will be done right. Are you near a Grange.. Patrons of Husbandry .. it's great to have a like minded community to get help when you need help and to heklp out when you can.

I have 16 hens and a rooster.. would love to raise pigs.. goats.

I also notice that we're better shots than men... I can't see well,, better since my operation (may need another as a cyst came up probably agitated by the surgery to remove the fiberglass) but when it comes to shooting.. I'm on it. And that gives me confidense.

Reminds me of that glock commercial, "he messed with the wrong girl".

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CORN PROJECT and oh.. why not do the three sisters? Corn in the center, Beans to climb the corn, and squash around them to protect them?