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Comment: Rand Paul on Limited Freedom:

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Rand Paul on Limited Freedom:

I liked this paragraph from that article:

"I also wonder if Rand completely appreciates the nuances of liberty. His call for a program where "A passenger who has been verified by the Transportation Security Administration as a low-risk or frequent traveler has the right to be screened through a process that is more expeditious and less intrusive than the standard screening process," is quite shocking. The more and more government knows about each and every one of us, the more dangerous that government becomes to all of us. TSA "verified" travelers are the last thing that anyone who understands liberty would want. The less government knows about us the better. This is especially true as the government becomes more totalitarian. Why can't Rand just call for security to be handled by each and every airline in any manner they see fit?"

Rand Paul compromises on Freedom for the ILLUSION of added Security.....we call those people NEO-CONS.