Comment: Actually Ralph Nader educated his supporters

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Actually Ralph Nader educated his supporters

To understand Rand, you have to understand politics as usual and RON PAUL, put them together and you have Rand.

Rand is a learning curve, just like Ron. Ron is like the foundation, and Rand is how you make the foundation become the platform.. hpw to make Ron Paul's foundation work in a party.

I have learned a lot from Rand.

I did not agree with Ron Paul on all the issues when I became a supporter. NO WAY would I join the GOP in 07/08. Now, my only regret is not joining the GOP in 07/08.. EXCEPT for Rand,,because Rand is constantly teaching me how to deal with the GOP.

So if you are not going to deal with the GOP.. you're right, you have NOTHING to learn from Rand. Stick with Ron and wave signs.

But if you want change, then you might consider joining the Ron Paul rEVOLution in the GOP, which Rand is teaching us how to survive, vote, debate, issues.. Rand Paul is changing the GOP and I'm happy to help.