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I am not recommending my fast/diet

I enjoyed my fast/diet last year, and why I intend to do it again.

Science has a lot of theory, but it's not allways correct, especially when we are talking about our own bodies..

I became a vegetarian in 1973, and I agree with you about how many think being vegetarian is healthy, but one simply trades one set of bad fats and sugars for another. I got into raw foods about 5 years ago, and many think raw foodies eat nothing but raw, but that is not true, they wind up making the same mistakes and vegetarians.

For the most part I eat very well, my two bad cravings are SALTED roasted nuts and chocolate. Other than that.. I'm a whole fooder, juicer.. with excellent vitals, blood work, I'm far from being weak.. I'm very strong and can't remember the last time I waas sick or had a cold (I think when I was surfing.. 1993.

The medication deal began when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. I believe this diagnosis was wrong, I refused radiation and was basically forced to take Tamoxifin, which gave me tons of side effects and thus all the pills to counter the side effects.

I went on my fast, and it's a fast because I'm doing it in observation of Lent, got off all those meds, told the doctor, I'm DONE with this, and while I have been through mamograms for two years, they have come back cancer free.

So.. I'm looking forward to my fast/diet, and wish you happiness in your life, no matter what you eat ot not. Thank you for caring!