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Comment: human eyesight is NOT a product of random chance...

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human eyesight is NOT a product of random chance...

...based on the idea that a one cell thing in a puddle somewhere said: "I think.I'll be two" millions or billions ot years ago.

Creation and conscience revelation proves that God exists; and God.instituted marriage(government in family), civil government because sinful mankind needs rules in order to function in a way that can make prosperity, justice, and peace possible; and He instituted the church, that Christ heads, and there is a hierarchy and structure for SELF government there as well.

Feel free to hate organized religion, hypocritical religion, war-mongering propagandists in religious garb; we here all HATE them too!

But, to deny God exists, because of these bad examples for the whole of Christendom?; that's simply foolish, even insane....without God, there would be no American Republic, and, there will be America no more without Him!

Wake up America...THINK!!!

The "deity" of evolution theory is STUPID....and this is the one "god" that should be
THROWN OUT of our public schools, no longer tax-supported, and rejected!