Comment: Yes, of course ...

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Yes, of course ...

... the whole POINT of a constitutional republic is to decentralize power.

But the question becomes ... when they eventually usurp their granted authority, what do we DO about it?

There are very few people in the public eye who are explaining this. Judge Nap is about the only one and he doesn't have a regular audience anymore.

Almost all the media propagandists are either clueless or actively working to usurp.

In order to get the states to push back, it requires enough people to push the states. And that takes knowledge. You have explained it all quite well, but how does that get to the 10-15% or so of the population to where we start to achieve results.

I like some of the stuff from Carl Miller, but that requires a sound argument that can be presented to a court is such a way that they have little room to evade -- and then a way to hold judges accountable when they do evade.

Any thoughts?