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They don't. Listen to a

They don't. Listen to a republican latley? DemocRATS appeal to those who worship the state. RepubliCONS represent those who worship the bible. Both heads of the serpant appeal to a differant class of idiot collectivists. Each head of the serpant whispers into their faithful's ears that the other head is trying to put a stop to their choosen opiate.

The left says: The evil right wants to abolish the needed state and usher in an age where greedy capitalists will enslave the poor and anarchy will ensue. Because obviously rich people feel they can get richer by making everyone too poor to buy their stuff. And people not buying their stuff can in no way stop a large company.

The right says: The evil left wants to abolish the holy bible and usher in an age where Satan will reign and start letting gay people get married, which of course means the world will explode. Afterall marriage is really sacrid. Thats probably why one of the most popular gameshows on TV is about a bunch of dumb sluts competing to see who can open their legs for enter holy matramony with the rich guy at the top. We wouldn't want satan's evil minions (gay people) to ruin all that sacridness.

The left right paradime keeps the sheep fighting back and forth as the fence is pushed back and forth into each's perspective pasture.

No matter the outcome of this fake wrestling match, the winner are the elites who use both forms of collectivism to keep their sheep bleating at each other instead of at their slave masters.

This gun control farse will swing the favor back to the right, giving them an illusion that they've scored a victory, and a chance to elect enough Bush/Romney to continue sodomising our Republic into the future.

This is where we who understand terrestrial reality, dispite some of our opiates, must fight against the left right paradime, and get a libertarian leaning republican elected.