Comment: Only the type of man who is comfortable with political power

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Only the type of man who is comfortable with political power

will hold political office. Those who prefer to just let folks be are not inclined to take a job telling people what to do.
It is almost impossible to form a government that will not attract the worst people possible for the job. Self governance is truly what we practice, day to day. The truth is, it works pretty well. I don't go 30 on the gravel road by the river because a sign tells me to, I go about 25 because it is a windy road and dimwits come flying around blind corners in my lane. I'm "obeying" and they are "disobeying" but we work it out between us... no cops required. Indeed, the one time someone actually hit me, no cops were anywhere around and so my insurance declared it "no fault."
Hmmmm... probably should leave this out... but... The time I got hit, it started to get ugly. 2 guys with a trailer, I saw them coming in time to pull onto the shoulder and stop, and he still hit me with the trailer hard enough he knocked the car back a couple feet - then he got out and started to blame me, and his buddy got out and they were acting all bad-a$$ until my husband got out, with our 2nd best friend on his hip. Settled things right down. It is the rights we exercise that serve us, not a government.

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