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Unions are not the "answer" either

The right to privately contract is really what we have, what we got from the Creator, and that is enough. "Unions" happened when corporations treated employees like slaves, but then powermongers saw the potential in leading Unions and they turned the Unions into just another was to bleed the people.
Each employee deserves to be judged on and paid according to their merits. The notion that businesses ought to be free to hire and fire at will is more than reasonable, but employers must not be protected when they are committing crimes. That is what "right to work" amounts to.
And if you know that you can be fired because they just got an application from someone willing to do your job for $1 an hour less than you, how loud would you yell about lousy wages? You don't. Especially in this economy. You be glad for the job and keep your mouth shut.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.