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Long as you don't believe in

Long as you don't believe in hell, have at it. You'll get no argument from me.

Though try sticking your face on a hot burner and see how "pure" it feels.

Purifying fire. Ha... deranged and sadistic catholic totalitarians loved to say shit like that. Come Joan of Arc, let us purify your body with fire so you can be with god.

Can you maybe see why most of us out here view religeous people as completely fucking nuts? You don't purify anyone with fire. You torture and kill them with fire... and as an added bonus, scare the living shit out of the mindless serfs who will commence kissing the hem of your fancy robes.

Im "am" willing to work and even befriend delusional people in the cause of liberty. That doesn't make ridiculous belief in impossible things any less nuts though.