Comment: Authorities are using FEAR tactics

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Authorities are using FEAR tactics

To push this illegal requirement...of gun registration, restrictions, or whatever, the authorities are using fear tactics to try and make people comply.
I applaud all those that stood their ground, and asked questions...
These politicians and policemen took an oath to uphold the constitution, evidently they are not qualified to hold those positions, as they do not understand the constitution.
If you want to really get a grip on what's happening that kid's movie "A BUG'S LIFE"...where the Grasshoppers (authorities) thought they were superior to the ants (the common people)...It wasn't until the end of the movie the ants realized there's more of us than there are of them....
Hey, We have more guns than you guys do...Do you really want a fight?
Something to think about, Know what I mean?
Just keep on pushing you dumb ass politicians and police, what you are doing is destroying the very fiber of American society.
Either get "right"...and uphold your oath, join the people or get your ass off the dole and stop pretending to be something you are not.
Now is the time to show them that we are not afraid of their jails and their prisons, or whatever else they decide against us.