Comment: Love these stories

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Love these stories

I LOVE these kind of stories, but I STILL don't like how the news covers them (when they actually do cover them).

News outlets always seem to find a way to plug in that one "professional" plug so it still sounds to the general public that they should have had the weapon while ordinary citizens aren't trained well enough.

Think of the movie theater where the shooter was shot by an "off-duty LEO"

The school shooting that was stopped by an armed "security guard"

Now this one - he just happened to be a reserve police officer.

Not trying to take away from the great story - just wish there would be a lot of these stories involving plain, ordinary citizens. I bet that reserve police officer shoots on the range once a year with the police and once a week on his own. I've come to find that the average citizen with a CPL is much better trained than the average LEO

Again, not wanting to take away from the positive story...

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