Comment: Rand Is a Tool, Forget Him

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Rand Is a Tool, Forget Him

Where in the Constitution is Congress given the power to legislate on state labor laws? Hmm???

If there were federal laws against right-to-work, then overturning them would be fine. But this is using federal power to overturn state law.

By forcing every issue to be resolved at the federal level, you make the fight for liberty impossible. People will support the Patriot Act because they are afraid of gay people getting married. People will support Obamacare because they think birth control will be outlawed federally.

This is how the public gets played and the powerful stay in charge. By playing this political game.

It's obvious Rand is not liberty-minded. I don't know what perverse masonic/good ole' boy/what-have-you club he belongs to, but it has nothing to do with liberty.

This is a move that will win Republicans points in a district or two. But the chess board will remain largely unchanged.

Seriously, really, what's Rand's deal? This sort of policy is boilerplate Republican, and it's good policy in theory (you union hacks out there, c'mon, whistleblowers? yeah, wouldn't want them to remain unpunished for defying the bosses). But how can Rand be ignorant of the deep systemic flaws of the federal government.

This is why this issue won't go away. Our problem is not Obama. Our problem is the whole federal establishment and its overabundance of power and influence in American society. Rand is merely part of the problem.

What, you think that 4 or 8 years of boilerplate right-to-work, low taxes, or whatever is going to unravel the bureaucracy, the Fed, all that? No thanks, I don't need no Reagan-lite. Look elsewhere people, this tool does not deserve our support.