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Totally out of context

You have a way of twisting words don't you. The truth is edifying and lies destroy which should be simple to comprehend for anyone with a brain. You have taken my words and applied them to a different subject. You are talking about salvation and I was talking about false gods.

You don't own salvation and you don't want to do what is necessary to obtain salvation. If you freely reject the truth then why should you receive the salvation that the truth offers. So without salvation then you will die and that will be the end of you or your destruction as you call it. You have not been coerced one bit. Show me where you are being forced to accept salvation and show me how you should receive something you reject. Death is natural but salvation and eternal life is from GOD.

Your thinking is akin to someone who doesn't believe in working but still wants to get paid. You are obviously a socialist at heart. You also need to learn how to stick to the subject matter of a conversation.