Comment: Im in favor of this.

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Im in favor of this.

This bill is not really saying you have "a right to work" it's just a catchy name for a bill. All it says is that it gives you the choice to join a union or not. I believe it is Constitutional for me to enter into a contract with a company without a government forcing me to be a part of something I am personally opposed to and then forcing me to pay dues (just like a tax). In my state of Washington the Union money goes straight back to lobbying for more intrusive legislation or to the Democratic party. In any case it does not take away your right to peaceably assemble, form a union, or participate in one. In my state the labor union and teachers union control everything with an iron fist. Seems some people would complain about Rand if he balanced the budget tomorrow. Im not anti union, and if anything I think alot of them are not bad at all, but the public sector unions and the mandatory union participation to just work have to be stopped. But lets face it, there is no way Obama signs it into law or it passes the Senate. I would like to see it be done on the state side preferably, but it is not unconstitutional to do so at the federal level, if it is point out where im wrong. Thanks.

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