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Again...'s hard to know exactly what is meant by 'fire' when it comes to the spiritual, but I see it as the suffering and torment people bring on themselves while insisting to travel away from that true Love, goodness, etc. To flip the idea around, it's kind of like the cold one would feel withdrawing further and further from a campfire on a chilly night, or the enveloping darkness one would experience receding further and further away from the light into a cave. Hmm...maybe, if you're a Tolkien fan, picture Gollum, shaking his fist at the sun and as he recedes into his underground caverns, devolving from a hobbit into a tortured wretch.

The longing for the warmth and the light of true Love will, I believe, eventually draw even the most wayward prodigal's soul to return, going through the discomfort of giving up the 'old man' -- being spiritually 'crucified and buried' in Christ -- and emerging into new life, even as He did. It was torture for the Smeagol to attempt to emerge from the 'Stinker' nature of Gollum, away from the power of the Ring. (And sadly he failed in that story, at least in the physical Middle Earth.)

Even though I have the hope that EVERYONE will be reconciled eventually in this manner, it'd be much better to begin to undergo that transformation now, seeking the Creator while He may be found in this life on earth.