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Underdog, l'll let you in on something.

I don't think people understand the emotion that runs through a person in producing and constructing a video like this or those great Ron Paul ones.

This video took over 10 hours including, mainly, feeling for a message.
This includes the right music, mood, and finally the shots to edit for completeness.

So when people have been commenting here, on the RPF, and especially on the thousand+ of comments on youtube; which I have been reading and absorbing; I still get goosebumps every time at the vid's ending.

I have seen Ron Paul many a times and right in front. And the vibe in that room last Tuesday had some power to it and was different than at the RP gigs.

I feel this video is a breakthrough to inspire not only us NYS'ers but across the nation concerning the threat to the 2A. We have people, on local MSM camera's, in front of head of the State Police and our county Sheriff, and who knows who else, showing conviction, courage, and heck, one guy calling for militia's. I wish you all could have been there. I really tried to convey that vibe in this video. And I am glad it has teared you because that is what it is supposed to do. It does to me too.

NYS has protests in Albany on the 8th, 12th, and on the 28th with Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers. It would be great if folks could attend from neighboring states with their state flags flying. At least on the 28th.

NYS is going to be a battleground for the next year. That is where my fight is now.